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    BDR team turnaround

    Industry: SaaS

    Target market: Enterprise Data

    Funding: Series C, $100M+


    As a new marketing leader took ownership of the BDR team, she brought NFS in to build a strong foundation for success that had been missing for years.

    Scaled past founder sales

    Industry: SaaS

    Target market: Hospitality

    Funding: Series A, $5M


    This founder relied on NFS to go from founder sales to a full AE team successfully producing the vast majority of new business from outbound sales.

    Acquired Business Integrates Smoothly

    Industry: SaaS

    Target market: Consumers

    Funding: Series B, $48M


    After struggling with another agency on integrating their newly acquired company into their HubSpot setup, this team turned to NFS & got results.

    Unpredictable revenue solved

    Industry: SaaS

    Target market: Enterprise HR

    Funding: Series A, $10M


    This sales team was struggling with recent sales leader turnover, declining rep performance, and unpredictable revenue. NFS rolled out a better sales process and laid the foundation for the next VP Sales to build upon.

    Improved ROI on SDR Team

    Industry: Transportation Tech

    Target market: Commercial fleets

    Funding: Post-acquisition, Global 500


    Even with a new VP Sales, this SDR team struggled to come close to achieving quota. NFS helped identify a better, more efficient path to success.

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