• Going to market isn't getting easier


    It's time to call in the experts

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  • We're not just outsourced sales ops

    Instead we work with founders and revenue leaders to build internal capacity and increase enterprise value.


    We see them through to hitting their number, and you watch them continue winning long after we leave.



    The story of one Enterprise BDR team's scale up

  • Two ways to engage with us


    We will host a lunch and learn with your partners or portfolio companies on sales trends & pitfalls we're seeing today. Rest assured there will be plenty of no fluff takeaways.


    When you introduce us to any portfolio company, we provide two free hours of expert advice to help make an actual difference right away & make sure there’s a mutual fit.

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    "I knew NFS was the best in the market to provide resources and support to get my BDR team to where they needed to be."

    Kaitlyn Gaudio

    VP Demand Generation, Data.world

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    "We've gone from founder sales to a team of reps generating all their own pipeline."

    Colin Read

    CEO, Whoosh

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    "I would 100% recommend NFS; they're professional, they've been so incredibly helpful, and they're also fun to work with."

    Monica Ross Stevenson

    Head of Operations, Trust & Will

  • If this sounds familiar, let's talk

    Headcount scaled, revenue didn't

    Sometimes two heads aren't better than one. What works on a spreadsheet often breaks in reality due to strategy, systems, or staff issues. We'll help you get back on track.

    Missing numbers multiple quarters

    There often isn't a simple answer to consistently missed numbers. We go deep and wide to root out the problems, then we work with internal teams to solve the problems quickly & permanently.

    Voluntary turnover of key players

    Losing good people is often not about people at all. When a winning sales rep or leader isn't enabled, they move on. We make sure they get what they need to stick around and grow the business.

  • Connect with us

    We'd love to learn more about your fund's goals and your portfolio companies' needs.