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Your sales team.
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Hands-on sales operations consulting that gets your team winning more business.

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What makes us different?

We're sales nerds. Other agencies are all about the tools. But we've all carried quotas and sold in the trenches. So we focus on creating the best sales outcomes, not the fanciest systems.
We're not order takers. Teams who work with us know what outcomes they want, but they rely on us to design and construct the bridge to get them there.
We're highly opinionated. We've worked with over 100 early and growth stage businesses. That experience allows us to protect our clients from the common traps of sales operations.
How it works

How does it all work?


We review your goals and current state

There are tons of multi-purpose options.
We interview your leadership and survey your reps to get a picture of the gap between the ideal and currently reality.
Rather than simply pointing you in the right direction, we work together to implement change
Then we use our over 80-point checklist to review your processes and technology, looking for strengths and weaknesses.


We design your action plan & timeline

Use one of our prepared templates or build your own.
Based on your goals and current state, we build a plan, ordered by priority, and an estimated time required for each phase.
This plan acts as our proposal for service and allows us to fine tune details before moving forward.


We follow the plan (but we stay loose)

Launch your shiny new site in less time than ever.
Most of the work we do doesn’t require meetings, which just suck up precious selling hours from you or your team.
Instead we provide weekly updates, meeting as needed to gather feedback and adapt the plan to any real-time changes.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉
We've gone from founder sales to a team of 4 reps generating all their own pipeline.
Colin Read
CEO, Whoosh

Can NFS help you?
Consider the following questions.

How are your sales processes
  • Long sales cycles?
  • Deals getting stuck?
  • Unreliable forecasts?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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How is your sales technology
  • Broken integrations?
  • Manual data entry?
  • Busy, useless dashboards?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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How are your sales people
  • Missing quota?
  • Lackluster sales activity?
  • Losing winnable deals?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Worst case scenario?

You find out you've got the one sales team in the world that can't improve performance.