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    Let us lighten the load

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  • How we help


    One of our experienced early stage sales leaders will help you make the right strategy, systems, and staff decisions for your needs.


    Our skilled technicians will enable a sales process and system that gives your team super powers at a cost that doesn't break the bank.


    You get to focus on the rest of the business, knowing you're building the foundation of a world class sales org.


    How this golf tech company made the leap with NFS

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    We’re so serious about moving the needle that we give qualified teams two free hours of expert consulting.

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    "We've gone from founder sales to a team of reps generating all their own pipeline."

    Colin Read, CEO


  • If this is you, let's talk

    Founder selling or leading sales

    Founder-led sales is a road with many potholes. We guide you in selecting the right strategy, tools, and tactics to make sure you make the most of your time and capital.

    Marketing leader with BDRs/SDRs

    The BDR/SDR role involves nuances that sometimes stretch beyond the one-to-many experience of classically trained marketers. We turn these teams into consistent engines of growth.

    Sales leader with 2+ teams

    Leadership means balancing individual needs with the needs of the group. Tack on another team and you’ve got your hands full. We act as your ops-focused second brain.

    First-time sales leader

    Becoming a winning leader involves learning new skills and framing challenges in a new light. We support that growth and share lessons learned in our decades of experience.

  • For all you need to know and do to make sales grow, we've got your back.