Client Story: Acquired Business Gets Integrated Smoothly

Industry: SaaS
Target market: Consumer
Funding: Series B, $48M

Catalyst for NFS's Involvement

This fast-growing software business had acquired a service business to support a recently uncovered need in the market. With the SaaS business using HubSpot to manage partner and referrer data, integrating this new branch into their systems was not easy. In fact, the head of operations for the company tried to hire a vendor recommended by HubSpot and found that they simply were not adapting their pre-packed solutions to meet the complex demands of their processes and data.

Having worked with NFS previously to support their partnership HubSpot build out, they reached out hoping for a more flexible solution.

Underlying issues

As with all integrations of multiple businesses, there were personnel, process, and systems issues to address.

  • Source Data Across Multiple Systems: The acquired company was running sales in Pipedrive and customer success in ClickUp. Thus some pre-sales data necessary for post-sales work was in a different system than the team running the post-sales process.
  • Outdated Tooling & Processes: Due to the technologies they had set up, the acquired company hadn't gotten their sales processes and handoff procedures up to modern best practices.
  • Insufficient Vendor Collaboration: Setting up HubSpot for the newly acquired business wouldn't be possible without talking to stakeholders on multiple teams. The previous vendor had worked through too few participants to design the new system.
  • Adaptible Vendor Services: The previous vendor had tried separating the systems issues from personall and process issues, narrowing their scope to only their out-of-the-box buildout. This failed to account for the full breadth of needs.

Solutions provided

  • Current State to Future State Mapping: Rather than start with a pre-packaged solution for HubSpot implementation, NFS documented the current state workflows and designed an ideal state with all stakeholders whose teams would be affected. The rest of the project design flowed from these two sets of documentation, perfectly tailored to the current needs of the teams.
  • Perfect Data Landing Zone With Firewalls: Given the differences between the types of data already in HubSpot and that which needed to be integrated, NFS developed custom fields, objects, and automations with visibility limited to just the necessary parties to prevent data chaos.
  • Data Consolidation & Clean Up: NFS extracted critical data that was spread across two systems and merged them before importing into HubSpot. This involved significant manual and automated efforts to compare, match, and clean customer data.
  • Sales Process Improvement: By reducing unnecessary manual actions and increasing automations in the inbound lead follow up process, NFS was able to increase throughput per rep and conversion rates on new leads.
  • Systems Documentation, Training, & Support: NFS created a user guide for each user type, held multiple training sessions with each group and some individuals, and handled live support questions for the first few weeks as users got acclimated and processes got tightened.


The customer is now living and breathing in HubSpot across multiple product lines and teams with greater efficiency and more modern processes. The sales team is converting more leads and has significantly improved the handoff to the customer success team, resulting in a better customer experience.

With a full-time ops person in-house, this company is now fully operational on their own thanks to the work they did with NFS.

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