Client Story: Improved ROI on SDR Team

Industry: Transportation Hardware & Software
Target market: Commercial fleets
Funding: Post-acquisition, Global 500

Catalyst for NFS's Involvement

Prior to its acquisition, this transportation technology provider had seen a steady decline in tangible SDR results over a period of time. They asked NFS to assess and correct conditions that were impeding the SDR team through targeted coaching and process improvement. This was a unique opportunity to support an SDR team in a post-acquisition scenario where individual and team performance comes under close scrutiny as ROI is evaluated.

Underlying issues

A thorough analysis of SDR operations and team dynamics brought several key issues to the surface which, if left unchecked, would continue to compromise results.

  • Inconsistent SDR Processes: Sales development processes were found to be inconsistent and lacking in discipline, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach efforts.
  • Poor Data Management: The SDR team was hampered by unreliable and inconsistent data, making it difficult to target and engage prospects effectively.
  • Need for Enhanced Communication Skills: The SDR team's ability to make impactful initial contacts was limited, affecting the conversion rate and sales outcomes.
  • Lack of Structured Training and Support: There was a clear need for structured training programs to equip the SDR team with the skills and knowledge required to execute their roles effectively.

Solutions provided

NFS addressed the challenges with a solution set tailored to each of the key areas of deficiency.

  • Structured SDR Process Development: NFS implemented a disciplined and structured approach to the SDR process, introducing clear procedures and best practices for sales outreach and follow-up.
  • Data Management Overhaul: Collaborating with the client’s internal sales operations team, NFS helped to clean up and reorganize the sales data, ensuring SDRs had access to accurate and reliable information for targeting prospects.
  • Communication Coaching: NFS provided extensive coaching to the SDR team both individually and collectively, focusing on effective communication strategies for engaging prospects and articulating value propositions clearly and compellingly.
  • Custom Training Programs and Support: NFS developed customized training programs that covered various aspects of the sales process, from initial outreach to closing. These programs were supported by regular review sessions, feedback, and continuous learning opportunities.
  • Technology Optimization: NFS leveraged the clients Salesforce system and other supporting software tools to streamline the sales process, improve data accessibility, and enhance reporting capabilities.
  • Operational and Personnel Adjustments: NFS assisted the client in making necessary operational adjustments and personnel decisions to align the SDR team with the strategic goals of the merged entity.


The interventions and solutions provided by NFS led to significant improvements within the sales development team. Improved focus on prioritized outreach efforts combined with improved data management and enhanced communication skills delivered significant positive results.


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