• AI is the best edge for winning sales teams


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  • The potential use cases for AI in sales are never-ending

    Lead scraping

    “Give me a list of 500 physical businesses in Fort Lauderdale who have a location with a loading bay.”

    Call role play

    “You are a Controller at a small business who runs payroll through Paychex. Be fairly difficult to sell to."

    Competitor intel

    “Send me a daily email with any news updates and new blog posts from my top three competitors."

    Rep certification

    “You are a tough sales manager. Test my reps on their knowledge about the new product we're launching this week."

    Lead enrichment

    “Read these companies' websites and give me a list of their 5 top selling products each.”

    + Hundreds more

    You could spend all day coming up with ways AI can enhance sales teams.

  • It's easy to get lost just getting started

    Should we buy a tool or build our own?

    There are already hundreds of pre-built AI tools on the market, but you can also build your own if you know what you want it to do and have the technical know-how.

    Who's in charge of AI management?

    Evaluating AI solutions is practically a full-time job. Forcing sales management to add more to their plate means nothing gets done to its fullest potential.

    How much access should my reps have?

    The con

  • Here's how we help you take advantage of AI


    Full evaluation

    We uncover key areas for efficiency and effectiveness upgrades to your current sales strategies, systems, and staff.


    Using our 80-point enablement checklist and 360-degree rep evaluation, we are both quick and thorough.


    Road map development

    We order your opportunities based on your goals and priorities.


    Trying to staff up quickly? More emphasis gets placed on created the right launch pad for new reps.

    Already have a team but they're struggling to hit their numbers? We'll focus on driving more throughput.


    Project execution

    Our expert technicians build, repair, and maintain the systems for scale your team needs.


    Before we roll out changes we test and certify the build, then provide training to get your full team on board.


    Real-time adaptation

    We keep our expert consultants engaged in overseeing the execution of all projects in order to stay up to date on changing team dynamics and market conditions.


    If things change, we don't just keep plowing ahead. We change with them.


    See why the acquiring company turned to NFS after another vendor failed to perform

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    "I knew NFS was the best in the market to provide resources and support to get my BDR team to where they needed to be."

    Kaitlyn Gaudio

    VP Demand Generation, Data.world

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    "We've gone from founder sales to a team of reps generating all their own pipeline."

    Colin Read

    CEO, Whoosh

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    "I would 100% recommend NFS; they're professional, they've been so incredibly helpful, and they're also fun to work with."

    Monica Ross Stevenson

    Head of Operations, Trust & Will

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